Freeparking Platform Migration 25th May 2015 - PLEASE READ

Freeparking is moving to an exciting new domain registration, management and hosting platform during the weekend of the 22nd-25th May 2015.

We are working hard to ensure there is no downtime to services or websites. Please bear with us as we undertake this massive task. The results will be worthwhile!

Below are some important messages about the migration which might affect you:

POP/IMAP Mailbox Contents

Whilst we are trying to achieve a seamless migration for email accounts with zero downtime for the email service, if you use only use the webmail interface or you utilise our IMAP service, please be aware that during the migration, we will move email accounts first, but the existing contents of your current mailbox may take
several days to be synchronised with your new mailbox depending upon the size of your mailbox.

Therefore, you may see an empty mailbox when you first log into your migrated email account, and the current mailbox contents will be gradually transferred into your new mailbox over the course of the first few days.

Some Customer Passwords Changed

Some of the customers passwords were not compliant with our new password security standards, and unfortunately therefore have been replaced. 

If you are not able to log into the new control panel, please try resetting your password.

Customer Account Consolidation

The new Freeparking platform uses your email address as the username for your customer account. The current Freeparking system used a separate username thereby allowing many customer accounts with the same email address.

As part of the migration to our new platform, we have consolidated user accounts with the same email address into one account. Therefore when you log into the new control panel, you may see all the domains you have with Freeparking which used to be spread over several accounts.

New Mail Server host names

As we move over to the new system there will be a time between use of the old system and the new one as the updated IP addresses propogate around the internet. Therefore it isn't possible to say exactly when you will start to see the new mail servers. However when the new mail servers are available, you will need to change the way in which you connect.

Before you specified mail.<yourdomaniname> for both sending and receiving; with the new system each service will be presented on its own sub-domain:

  • To specify use of our IMAP system please use:
    port No. 143
    or for SSL use port No. 993
  • To specify use of our POP3 system please use:
    port No. 110
    or for SSL use port No. 995

  • To send mail using SMTP please use: 
    port No. 25
    or if your ISP blocks port 25 use port No. 587

Your username (your email address) and password should not have changed in the migration, so please use your current login details. As before our SMTP server requires authentication.

If you use webmail to access your emails you will still be able to use webmail.<yourdomainname> in exactly the same way as before.

For detailed setup instructions please visit our email knowledge base pages.

Non-UK based Customers please use Freeparking.COM

Please note that our new platform has two websites, one for UK based customers and one for non-UK customers.

If you are a customer based outside the UK, you may have logged into previously, however your customer account and domains have now been migrated to the new www.freeparking.COM, if you try and log into the site your credentials will be rejected.

Conversely, if you are a customer based in the UK, you may have logged into previously, however your customer account and domains have now been migrated to the new www.freeparking.CO.UK, if you try and log into the .com site your credentials will be rejected.

Web Forwarding IP Address Changes

The IP addresses we use to provide the Web Forwarding service have changed. For the vast majority of customers this has been changed automatically and has been seamless, however there are some customers who use external Name Servers, in this case the zone file will have to be updated manually. 

If you use our web forwarding service but you do not use our name servers, then this applies to you, you need to Change your zone file A record for the "" and the "www." sub domains to: to


We look forward to welcoming you on our new platform, and thank you for your continued support.



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